What I Watch When I’m in the Mood for a Good Cry

FINALLY I’ve taken time to sit down and write for the first time in awhile. This summer has been a whirlwind of going into Boston for my internship, working, spending time with loved ones and enjoying the spectacular weather. This idea has been cooking in my head and iPhone notes for awhile now, and if you know me well you know crying is practically a hobby of mine. Personally, I think crying is a cathartic experience, and since I’m experiencing that special time of the month rn, I thought I’d share some things that get the waterworks going for me every time. Without further delay, here are the 4 things I watch when I’m in the mood to cry!

#1 Royal family “big moment” performances

I love the British royal family and keep up with everything they do. Like many, I take joy in their joys and sorrow in their sorrows. Princess Diana was selfless, ahead of her time, and absolutely breathtaking, and the world was shaken by her death. She faced so much tragedy in her life so publicly, but still managed to be a remarkably strong and outspoken woman. Elton John, who is revolutionary and went though his own series of public struggles (which are detailed in the new movie Rocket Man), was the perfect person to perform at her funeral. He even created a new version of his hit song “Candle in the Wind”, which was originally written about Marilyn Monroe, to perform at the service. Before it even gets to the chorus I start tearing up. You can watch it here.

Among those devastated by Princess Diana’s death, it was hardest for the two sons she left behind, Prince William and Prince Harry. The world watched them grow up, searching for signs of their mother in them. William married Kate Middleton, who’s fabulous, and for awhile Harry continued living the bachelor life until he fell in love with Meghan Markle, who has taken the Royal Family and England as we know it by storm. I was geeking out about Meghan and Harry’s wedding just as much as younger me was about Kate and William’s, so naturally I watched it. The performance of “Stand by Me” by London gospel choir Karen Gibson and the Kingdom Choir gave me CHILLS.

Both this performance and the wedding itself represent so many things. First, having this choir perform honors Meghan’s half-African American identity and symbolizes the beginning of a new, more diverse and inclusive chapter for the Royal Family. Second, it shows that after so much pain and tragedy, Harry grew up to find someone that embodies everything his mother believed in and fought for- a strong, unapologetic woman passionate about helping others. This shows how beautifully things have come full circle and overwhelms me with happiness for them. You can watch the choir performance here.

#2 The Disney duckling commercial

This video circulated Facebook and Twitter for awhile, and honestly it’s the cutest s*** I’ve ever seen. It’s no secret that Disney knows how to pull at our heartstrings, but they really outdid themselves with their ability to make a duckling this cute. The feathery little star of this commercial stumbles upon a Donald Duck comic and it’s love at first sight. The duckling is dedicated to learning how to be just like him, but what happens when he has to leave the comic behind during his winter migration?

I’m going to let you watch it and not give the whole story away, but the takeaways are to always follow what you love, dream the impossible, not lose hope when things get hard and visit Disneyland Paris. You can watch it here.

#3 The hedgehog commercial

Considering that I one day want to pursue a career in marketing, you’d think I wouldn’t fall prey to sappy commercials easily, but here is a SECOND one that always makes me tear up. I have literally no interest in what it’s advertising, I don’t even remember what it’s advertising, but I have literally cried in public about this commercial. It’s about a little hedgehog with a big heart that struggles to make friends because everyone is afraid of his quills. At the height of his feelings of loneliness though, his furry peers come up with a solution that allows him to safely get close to them both physically and emotionally. The animals are adorable, but it also made me think about being more compassionate and looking for ways to help others feel more comfortable and welcomed in different social settings. You can watch the commercial here.

#4 The last episode of That 70s Show


That 70s Show is one of my favorite shows currently on Netflix- I love the time period, the music, the characters… you name it! I’m also a huge sucker for the “best friends fall in love” storyline. In the final episode, the nostalgic transition from 1979 into 1980 and Donna and Eric reuniting with an uncertain future is almost too much to handle, so the series of flashbacks of them falling in love set to the tune of Big Star’s “Thirteen” sends me over the f****** edge. It was perfectly done, and I’m sure other fans of the show can agree! If you want a spoiler or refresher, you can watch it here.

Well there you have it! This only scratches the surface of things that make me cry, but they are ones that are beautiful moments, make me happy or make me think about life. If you agree with any of these or have your own crying suggestions, let me know in the comments!



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