A Mid-College Crisis

Over the past few years, I’ve become a huge believer in karma and aware of how the universe is constantly teaching us lessons. These forces tend to present themselves in my life whenever I criticize something or say it isn’t “the way I’d do things.” Often, these close-minded statements manifest into situations where I end up choosing to do the the things I once claimed I was against or didn’t identify with. For example, when I was seventeen I remember saying I’d hate going to a college smaller than my high school, but a year later my top school was a third the size of where I went to high school. Now at twenty one, I’m a junior there and couldn’t be happier with my choice. This also applies to my personal life, after previously claiming I didn’t understand why people had casual situations or still had exes in their life, I’ve learned that every circumstance is unique and have had both types of situations work out in my life before (but also ones where it definitely didn’t!).

I just faced a similar scenario with my major. Since my sophomore year of high school when a job test recommended it, I’ve wanted a career in Human Resources. I enjoy working with others, resolving conflicts and creating a healthy work environment, so it seemed like a perfect fit. When I got to college, I had no doubt that majoring in Management was the right path, and whenever I saw my peers changing their majors freshman and sophomore year I was grateful I’d never go through that transition. Over time, though, I realized although I enjoyed courses related to organizational behavior and law, I hated subjects like Economics, accounting and finance, all of which dominated my course load. I kept finding myself telling others, “I hate my classes and have no interest in most of the fields I’m learning about, but I just have to keep pushing forward and focus on the ones that can help me in HR.” I did alright and had a decent GPA, but I dreaded going to class and doing homework. I also frequently brought up how I found my campus jobs and activities more fulfilling than what I was actually going to school for. Despite my education being the reason I attended college, it was my least favorite part. On the other hand, I added a Communications minor to my plan because I loved writing, marketing and social media. I enjoyed my involvement in Her Campus, a Communications-based organization at my school, and was inspired by the influencers, bloggers, writers and other women in creative fields that I met at Her Campus’s annual conference.

Me attending Her Campus’s annual conference last summer

Last semester, I didn’t pass a math requirement I needed for my major, was just going through the motions of my classes, and still felt shocked that other people genuinely enjoyed the material they were learning. I kept telling myself school isn’t supposed to be fun and that I was picking a practical major with more job opportunities, but by finals week, I finally allowed my feelings about my major to surface. In the middle of my Financial Management final, as I filled out the questions and prayed to get even an 80 in the class, I had one of those classic epiphany moments. I acknowledged that most of my classes pained me to even stay engaged in and that all my future semesters only consisted of more intense versions of the classes I had already taken and disliked. Even when I liked my professors, I couldn’t see myself doing what they were teaching once I joined the “real world”. Why was I pushing myself though something I couldn’t stand, and why did I think I would magically enjoy it once I graduated? As I turned my test in, I knew that I had to follow my true passions, and over break I made the transition from a Management major and Communications minor to a Communications major and Management minor (which is already complete from my time as a Management major).

It’s now the Friday of my first week of classes, my paperwork to switch majors is done, and despite never thinking I’d change my college path, I can now happily say I’m that second semester junior that just changed their major. It feels interesting to have classes with a different group of people and I can’t believe things that I consider hobbies like reading, story writing, blogging, journaling and social media are now what I do for homework and are the subject of my class discussions. Also, there are people in HR with Communications degrees, so this choice keeps that door open for me while opening many others! Here’s to a new journey, developing talents and honoring my true interests and dreams! I hope you all are making choices that allow you to do the same.



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