Leave Scorpios ALONE!

People have always taken to social media, especially Twitter, to talk about Astrology, but I have never seen my feed crawling with more “the best and worst signs ranked” and “what each sign deserves in 2019” posts than I have recently. Overall, this isn’t so bad. Many of them are laugh-out-loud funny and others are heartwarming, but overall they leave me with the same question: what the f is everyone’s beef with Scorpios about?

First of all, let’s go into my Astrology worldview before we delve into my star sign baggage. 1.) We can’t really prove any belief is right or wrong so I don’t think Astrology is stupid, I definitely validate the belief in it. 2.) That being said, I don’t think it’s cool to judge people by their sign alone, it’s usually not a great idea to judge people off of any one thing (unless the one thing is that they’re a serial killer or they called your dog ugly). 3.) I’ve looked up the basic descriptions of each sign and have had someone explain my charts to me, but that’s about all I know on the topic. 4.) Reading weekly horoscopes is fun and you can’t tell me otherwise!! 5.) I find it stupid when people make fun of and hate Astrology, it just feels like a weird waste of time to me and why criticize something people enjoy if it doesn’t hurt you? Then again, I do this to Star Wars like it’s my job.

I have always had a weird relationship with my sign. As a kid, scorpions creeped me out and I was bummed that my symbol wasn’t something prettier. As I got older, when I started seeing the “what (insert movie, color, whatever) your sign is” things, I was always bummed that mine always seemed dark, angry and depressing. Also, whenever I read my sign description, I had trouble identifying with it. My energetic yellow lab type personality didn’t quite fit with the moody-dark exterior description, and mysterious and secretive definitely don’t apply to someone that is a chronic over-sharer. Hard exterior? My ability to cry in public over anything says otherwise. That being said, I do feel like I identify with the lover of anything spooky, confident, fiercely loyal Scorpio trademarks. Also sometimes when I say things people say “Wow SO Scorpio of you,” so I guess I’m not too off the mark.

Of course eventually I learned that there are rising signs and things like that that made more sense with my personality and made me feel like the stars were correct, but one thing, especially with me being a people-pleaser, still grinded my gears: people f****** HATE Scorpios.

Social media roasts everyone so usually I get a good laugh out of the posts that make fun of Scorpios, and when people say things about Scorpios being the WORST or sociopaths I usually am only a little bummed out. One time, though, I had a real-life experience that made me realize people legit dislike Scorpios beyond just viral tweets and conversations over coffee and Astrology books. One time I met a friend of a friend who I had really looked forward to getting to know. They were funny, open-minded, accepting, unique, basically the full fun person to meet package! I thought I had hit it off with them and was really happy until another person told me they said they didn’t like or trust me because I was a Scorpio. WHAT?! My feelings were a little hurt at first, but of course the world is filled with much worse prejudices than this and I told myself I should be grateful I was being judged for something that superficial. At best it was comical and at its worst it was just surprising, especially where as far as I know Astrology associates each sign with good and bad qualities and does not instruct anyone to dislike particular signs.

You are probably reading this and thinking who cares what people think if you’re not into Astrology or thinking it’s valid to not like people based on their sign if you are and I guess there is no right or wrong answer. And people always make fun of me for taking that person’s words so to <3. I just think that maybe signs, despite giving some good information, don’t contain every bit of who someone is (mine left out my happy, Patti Simcox from Grease personality), and that Scorpios (except a few guys I’ve met here and there but not even all of them) are not the assholes the world makes them out to be, despite us being a little intense. To each his or her own, though!



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