“If I don’t create a blog by the time I come back to school, punch me in the face.”

This is something I said last summer to my friends after attending Her Conference, a Her Campus event in NYC, last summer. Every time I attended events like this and met bloggers, influencers and other career-oriented, inspirational women who loved their lives, I asked myself how I could be more like them. I have always had a passion for writing, whether it was taking creative writing classes in middle school, pushing myself through AP Lit&Lang in high school, or writing for Her Campus throughout college, and I have entertained making a blog for awhile now.

That being said, I do not anticipate this being a perfectly polished style blog full of expensive clothes and Oprah-like advice. Rather, I see this as a glorified finsta mixed with some fun lifestyle things, and a way for me to share parts of my life and gain writing experience. I already write for Her Campus and enjoy it, but I also want a platform that feels like it is just for me and that I can be as raw and unapologetic on as possible. I want this to be the place where I can share the good, the bad and the ugly and hopefully make a few people’s days just a bit better!

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If you are reading this, know that I would die for you in an INSTANT, and I hope you keep reading as I ~embark~ on this ~journey~. Also, if you are not familiar with my blog name, it comes from my simultaneously loved and hated high school nickname, VHARD.

Well anyway, thank you for reading and I can’t wait to continue to share more!




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